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Spring Rituals - Kapha Season

Balance Kapha dosha to prevent stagnation in the body.

Spring is the thawing of the cold, wet late winter allowing life to return to the land. Characteristics of springtime are cool, damp, heavy, dense, muddy, and it's seen as the season of rebirth and renewal.

In order to prevent an imbalance of kapha dosha, you should focus on increasing the qualities of warmth, lightness, and clarity in your foods, self care practices, and lifestyle.

Kapha-balancing Nutrition Tips:

- Eat lighter foods - non-greasy, leaner meats, lower water content produce, and mainly plant-based. Skip most forms of dairy, heavier meats (beef, pork, etc), and fried foods. Trade watery cucumbers for more fibrous kale or chard. And choose lighter grains, not wheat or oats which tend to hold on to water.

- Facilitate warmth - cook with spices, sip herbal teas, and consume cooked foods. With warmer weather ahead you're going to want to dive in to big, raw salads, but fight the urge! Raw foods have a cold quality, so stick to cooked vegetables for now. But if you need to have a salad, consider adding warm, cooked components.

- Debloat - use herbs to remove excess water and ama (toxins). Time to pull out excess water and use it to carry out harmful toxins that have been hibernating in your cells all winter. Sip warm fennel, ginger, peppermint, turmeric, licorice root, dandelion, or chamomile teas daily, as these teas are gentle diuretics.

Kapha-balancing Self Care Tips:

Mucus, congestion, skin issues, allergies... Try these practices to counteract spring stagnation.

Morning - dry brushing + abhyanga (warm oil full body massage) with sesame oil before you shower

Afternoon - take a brisk walk to promote circulation and digestion

Night - skincare with a Gua Sha stone or Kansa wand, detoxifying yoga postures (supine twists, legs up the wall, etc), and sip herbal teas to promote lymphatic health

Should I detox?

Spring & fall are two seasons where detoxifying practices would be highly beneficial. That said, I do not recommend following a strict detox protocol without the help of an Ayurvedic detox practitioner. Many of the self-guided detox programs on the market DO help the body release toxins from your cells, but then they fall short on not supporting the release of these toxins through excretion. Therefore, leaving the toxins available for re-uptake by the surrounding organs. Gross.

Bloom into spring!

I currently offer 1:1 Seasonal Detox Coaching for those who want to holistically cleanse their body, mind, and home in the spring and/or fall. I will guide you through a gentle Ayurvedic detox protocol (tailored to your needs and comfort level), teach you practices that support dosha balancing, and provide suggestions on ways to also detox your environment to help you live your best, healthiest life.

Email for more info.


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