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I am so excited you're here, to help guide you through your prenatal wellness journey and beyond. Welcome to your library of strength + yoga classes (BODY) and mindfulness tools (MIND). Get started with a warm-up or foundations classes, or jump right in to prenatal strength. All prenatal yoga classes can be modified to suit any trimester. The mindfulness tools are designed to be used over and over to help you develop an inner sense of calm + well being.

Have fun exploring, moving, breathing, and finding stillness. This is YOUR journey, so be sure to listen to your body, take rest days, and always refer to your doctor if you have any concerns.



Access our on-demand library of prenatal fitness classes. Strength and yoga classes range from 15-60 minutes in length, and are accessible to all levels. 



Access our library of meditations and breathing exercises to help you relax + reconnect to your body, mind and baby.


Below you will find everything from 15-min circuit training to 25-min strength-based fitness to 45-min yoga practices for all trimesters. If you're new to strength training, consider taking a "foundations" class to build your muscle memory AND still get a good sweat on!

Reminders: have your water bottle nearby; all movements can be done without weights; and take as many breaks as you need or shorten classes until you've built up your stamina.