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meet melissa maxwell

Melissa Maxwell is is holistic health coach, ayurveda wellness coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and - most importantly - a mom of two spunky kiddos based. in Rockville, Maryland. Though Melissa has been coaching for over a decade, WELL by Melissa was born out of her vision to have a greater impact on the health of our world.

Guided by a science-based, practical and intuitive approach, Melissa helps clients improve their physical and mental well-being by teaching them how to simplify healthy eating, workout efficiently, establish mindfulness rituals, and bring their bodies back into balance.

Melissa is extremely passionate about approaching each client with bioindividuality. Through careful research and her 10 years of experience, Melissa combines Eastern and Western practices to honor her clients' unique physiologies and lifestyles to help them reach their goals and create sustainable habits. 

"Wellness is holistic. It can not be achieved through focusing on only food or only exercise. It is a wild mixture of body, mind and home. We must nourish our physical body, nurture our inner being, and cultivate an environment that supports our health and happiness."


Besides being a total nutrition and fitness nerd, Melissa is a down-to-earth, goofy, and fun-loving mama. Some of her hobbies include traveling, snowboarding, gardening, trying new local restaurants, working out, reading and COOKING!

Melissa learned to cook by watching her mom and grandmother prepare traditional Chinese cuisine and holiday meals. Her family always looked at food as healing, nourishing, and full of love, and you felt that in every bite. 


Taking the inspiration from her family heritage, and braiding it with science, Melissa found her calling in creating whole foods-based, clean, and nutrient dense recipes that fuel her active lifestyle, keeps her family healthy, and allows her to do more of what she loves in life.

That said, the Well by Melissa kitchen is always busy! Some of Melissa's favorite things to cook are healthier versions of popular comfort foods, "nothing to eat" pantry meals, and recipes that have minimal ingredients but are loaded with flavor and nutrients. Being a busy mama, simple and crowd-pleasing meals are key.

You can check out some of Melissa's delicious and Ayurveda-inspired recipes in her blog and on her Instagram @wellbymelissa.

Stay connected! Melissa loves hearing from her community and followers, and collaborating with other holistic wellness professionals. Visit our contact page, subscribe to her bi-weekly newsletter, and connect with Melissa on Instagram.



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