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Hot Mess to Hot Mom
42 Days for 42 Years

Ayurvedic Postpartum Guide

"These ancient rituals have been practiced for thousands of years because they are simple, effective, and intuitive. Let us follow the wisdom of the generations of women who birthed before us, not only learning to mother our babies but also to mother ourselves."

- Melissa Maxwell, Chapter 4

Hello, mama!

My name is Melissa Maxwell.

I am a certified IIN Holistic Health Coach, Ayurveda Health Consultant, RYT-500, Postpartum Correctional Exercise Specialist, and Reiki Master with over 15 years of experience in women’s health- including functional nutrition, strength training, prenatal and postpartum wellness, and trauma-informed yoga. I created Well by Melissa to provide coaching and educational content for modern and motivated women who desire a more feminine and intuitive approach to wellness.

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The 3 Principles of Simple Postpartum Care

Image by hessam nabavi

01 | Rest

There is a reason why most other (non-U.S.) cultures create a supportive nest around the new mama: she needs her rest! The first 42 days postpartum should be dedicated to replenishing ojas (vitality) by minimizing work and focusing on rest and rejuvenation.

Image by Mae Mu

02 | Food

Nourish your postpartum body with easy-to-digest (and easy-to-prepare!) meals that have been used to rekindle agni (digestive fire) for thousands of years. Boost your overall well-being and breast milk supply with these delicious recipes!

Image by Chelsea shapouri

03 | Self Care

Self care is not a luxury, it's necessary. In the Postpartum Guide, I give you the step-by-step instructions for belly-wrapping and postpartum abhyanga, and ideas for other simple self care practices to nurture your body and mind back into balance.

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